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Enriching the kids of the community with the spirit of sports since 2009

Success Stories

 United Martial Arts Academy (UMAA) has successfully operated a quality after-school and summer program since 2004. UMAA teaches martial arts to children while providing opportunities for participants to increase literacy skills, pro-social peer relations, conflict resolution skills, character development and leadership skills, all while working  for one common goal , the LOVE OF THE ARTS. All UMAA rank promotions are earned, not bought, and their criteria for promotion is based individual progress such as:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Techniques
  • Participation
  • Strong physical fitness component

 Inclusion – The inclusion of special needs children is a top priority of Outside the Ring Champions Foundation, by collaborating with parent, caregivers, local school leaders and appropriate community organizations to make reasonable accommodations for participants.

PROGRAM: Quality, intentional programming.The components of high-quality programming include:

  • The opportunity to be physically active
  • An environment that is both physically and emotionally safe
  • A structured, planned program that is age-appropriate
  • Adults who participate in and foster supportive relationships
  • Opportunities for young people to belong
  • A strengths-based approach
  • An example of positive social norms
  • Adults who show support for efficacy and mattering
  • Curriculum that provides opportunities for skill building
  • Opportunities to foster cultural competence
  • An environment that encourages active learning
  • Opportunities for recognition
  • An ecological/ holistic approach
  • Efforts to integrate family, school, and community