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Enriching the kids of the community with the spirit of sports since 2009

Christopher Ricart – Head Coach


Christopher Ricart is an accomplished, seasoned martial artist with over 10 years’ experience in Kung Fu. What began as a hobby became a full time passion. The passion for what he does is always present, whether helping a child with their homework or coaching children in sports, Chrisopher Ricart is known for his positive attitude. It is that same passion that fuels him as a competitor, having earned many prestigious awards as well as a Black Sash in Liu Ha Ba Fa from Sifu Henry Regalado and rising to the Rank of Instructor in Bart Vale’s Shootfighting.


Christopher Ricart is certified by various government agencies to instruct children. His ongoing desire to provide an excellent experience for children pushes him to continue his education. His area of expertise includes working with children with disabilities and is certified by the State OF Florida as Inclusion Specialist.