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Enriching the kids of the community with the spirit of sports since 2009

Henry Regalado – Site Supervisor

Sifu Henry Regalado has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years, A 9th degree Black Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu Lama and Chinese boxing, Lui Ho Pa Fa, and the Head Instructor Owner of the United Martial Arts Academy.


Along with his many accolades Sifu Henry is well versed in Greco wrestling, Judo, boxing, and karate. Having earned a PhD in Asian Martial Arts Studies, and awards such as: Kung Fu Grandmaster of the Year and Shoalin Master of the Year; he is well known and respected among his peers. In fact, Sifu Henry has been inducted in the USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame three times! Sifu Henry has been a great contributor to the community, becoming one of the first martial arts schools in all of Florida to be funded by The Children’s Trust he has been serving at risk youth in the very underprivileged area of Florida City, because of his actions he has received recognition from local politicians, mayors, commissioners and principles for his outstanding efforts.