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Enriching the kids of the community with the spirit of sports since 2009

Henry Regalado – Site Supervisor

Sifu Henry Regalado has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years, A 9th degree Black Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu Lama and Chinese boxing, Lui Ho Pa Fa, and the Head Instructor Owner of the United Martial Arts Academy.

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Christopher Ricart – Head Coach


Christopher Ricart is an accomplished, seasoned martial artist with over 10 years’ experience in Kung Fu. What began as a hobby became a full time passion. The passion for what he does is always present, whether helping a child with their homework or coaching children in sports, Chrisopher Ricart is known for his positive attitude. It is that same passion that fuels him as a competitor, having earned many prestigious awards as well as a Black Sash in Liu Ha Ba Fa from Sifu Henry Regalado and rising to the Rank of Instructor in Bart Vale’s Shootfighting.

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